After a day of searching for potential locations, we finally settled on the Airplane Fixture adjacent from PAFA. Luckily I was rolling when Ben suddenly settled on Ben Khan's "Zenith".  In typical fashion, Ben conjured up another freestyle that showcased his unparalleled fluency and control. Shots were done by free-hand and stabilized by attaching a weighted monopod to the camera. Color grading was performed in Final Cut Pro X.

Platt Performing Arts House has been home to Strictly Funk Dance Troupe for years. This was our attempt to reinvent our tried-and-true rehearsal space. Shots were filmed free-hand by attaching counter weights to the camera lens. A fog machine was placed right at the light source to achieve a faded look. 

Asian Arts Initiative has been such a home. A place where comfort and creativity is not a commodity but rather a given. It was an immense pleasure working with Ben Baker who laid down this magical freestyle over three songs. Tracking shots were done by placing a tripod atop a construction dolly left over from a recent renovation job upstairs @ AAI weighed down by four dry paint buckets above each wheel.  

All tracking shots were done with a skateboard and tripod. Weights were placed on the board to provide smooth tracking and a stable foundation for the camera to pan. Dancers were front-lighted with a projector projecting a looping water stream video from youtube. The video was filmed in under an hour and was edited using Apple's iMovie.